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Fix N To has been nominated to Royal Crown Canada!!

Thank you Tres Elegance for partnering with us to make this happen! We are very excited!
- Be sure to check out the Royal Crown Canada sidepots available to Fix N To offspring at upcoming Futurities now that he is a Royal Crown Canada Stallion
- FIX N TO is by Dash Ta Fame out of a daughter of Streakin Six
- FIX N TO is a full brother to Go Go Fame, dam of Hello Stella THE Leading Money Earning Futurity Horse $575,162!

... info on the upcoming Claresholm race here

  CBHI High Selling Horse SR Seis Playin BossOct, 2023 - It was an exciting, exhausting CBHI weekend but so worth it! We are very appreciative of the numerous bidders and 3 successful buyers!

* Congratulations Stephanie Hawryluk on your purchase of the 2023 CBHI Hi-Seller, SR Seis Playin Boss for $18,000!

* 2nd Hi-Seller, SR Dynamite Boots sold to Presley Hipkins for $16,500!

* SR Express Root sold to Krystal Moren for $10,000!

We are very thankful they’ve all gone to good homes and look forward to seeing them back in the arena. Stay tuned for more updates on the Futurity, Derby and Super Stakes!

* Thanks you Teresa Schaffer for the quick pic!
  CBHI Success StoriesThe 2023 CBHI Weekend is a wrap! So much to be thankful for! So many beautiful horses and wonderful people!

Congratulations Cassandra KC Peters and Sissy Warren on your super weekend finales, as well as so many others who are riding -S and Sandy Ridge bred horses, too numerous to mention right now but you know who you are! Your efforts do not go unnoticed! We thank you for your hard work and dedication to your horses and the sport!

KC and Hezbortaboggie won a big CBHI 2nd place Super Stakes Futurity cheque for a healthy $20,898! Raised by Gina Shantz he is owned by Sonya Dodginghorse. This pair won the Short Go with a 17.183, 2nd in the Top 15 Average, 3rd in round 1, 2nd in round 2! Smokin runs! (HEZGOTTABEFAMOUS out JR Miss Doc x DOCS PARADISE!)

Sissy Warren and Classy Boots N Texas also won a Derby 4th place Super Stakes cheque for $1944! Finishing the weekend off running 3rd in the Derby Short Go with a 17.386, 3rd in the Top 15 Derby Average, 5th in the 2nd Go, 10th 1st go. Sissy came all the way from Nebraska and left Canada with $6,833.70! I'd say her trip was worth while! (A CLASSIC GUY x SR Uno Boots x ROOT BEERS BOOTS!)

  Famous Last CallAug, 2023 - Thank you and congratulations to Kevin and Jody Scoular on the purchase of FAMOUS LAST CALL!!

They have always liked him and we are pleased that he is going to a great new home in Frenchmans Butte, SK.

FAMOUS LAST CALL is sired by Dash Ta Fame, THE Leading Barrel Sire out of a daughter of Fire Water Flit another Leading Barrel Sire!
We have been very pleased with FAMOUS LAST CALL's offspring. They are super nice minded and easy to look at!

* The Scoulars plan to continue enrolling him into the CBHI, Western Fortunes and The Breeders Elite Incentive.

  Go Go Fame - Leading DamSo exciting!!

FIX N TO’s full sister - Go Go Fame - is THE LEADING Barrel Racing DAM!!

* Click images to enlarge

Fix N To

  Famous Last Call
March, 2022 - Congratulations Shelley Morgan and her Special Kiss winning the 2022 The American Rodeo on Sunday!

This Kiss & Win works for us too as her dam is a full sister in blood to our Dash Ta Fame stallion, FAMOUS LAST CALL!

* More info about Famous Last Call

* HR Fameskissandtell pedigree

  Sandy Ridge StallionsMarch, 2022

Thanks to these successful bidders, Sandy Ridge Stallions contributed $15,450 toward the 2026 CBHI Super Stakes Pot of approximately $195,000, the highest Pot ever!

* ROOT BEERS BOOTS sold to Nicole & Bonnie Pana, $3875
* IM DA BOSS sold to Terryl Woodward, $3050
* FIX N TO sold to Kirby Penttila, $2950
* HEZGOTTABEFAMOUS sold to Melina Arthur, $2500
* A CLASSIC GUY sold to Gayle Howes, $1600
* FAMOUS LAST CALL sold to an anonymous buyer, $1475

We can’t thank these 2022 CBHI Super Stakes Stallion Auction successful bidders enough!

You have no idea how much your support is appreciated! We look forward to working with you this spring.

Doug and Carol Schaffer

  CBHI Sale 2021 - High Selling HorseOctober, 2021

CBHI weekend started out with a bang! Kayce Liptack & SR Effort InMy Boots won rounds 1 & 2 in the Youth Division, finishing 5th overall in the Open! (ROOT BEERS BOOTS x Printinspecialdreams x FLYING EFFORT).

Sarah Hall & Classy Boots In Texas finished 3rd in the Futurity Short Go, 6th in the Average (A CLASSIC GUY x SR Uno Boots x ROOT BEERS BOOTS) . Tiffany Braithwaite & Docs Fame Guy 10th in the Futurity Average, 5th in the Short Go. (A CLASSIC GUY x Dashing Book x LDS UNLEASHED x daughter of DOCS PARADISE).

Colby Bonnett & SR Shezindabooktafame earned $6500 placing 3rd in the Derby Super Stakes, 5th in the Derby Short Go with a 17.147! 4th in the Average. (HEZGOTTABEFAMOUS x Chicky Kilo Jo x DOCS PARADISE)

Lynette Brodoway & SR Boots On Fire brought home a 4th place Derby Super Stakes cheque of $1854. (ROOT BEERS BOOTS x JDS Wind River by Sun Wind And Fire)

Angela Tapp & SR Leading Fast Chic placed 6th in the Open 1st go, & 8th in the Average! (FAST MOON CHIC x Leading Asset, daughter of Special Leader)

Melissa Duff & Im No Dainty Chic placed 11th in the Open Round 2, the the 18 yr old ABRA Champion still has it! (FAST MOON CHIC x Call Me Dainty)

Congratulations to all!

Also, Saturday night, we sold SR American Boots at the CBHI Sale to Bradi Whiteside & Kate Bamford, for a $21,000 sale topper! 2nd highest seller ever! We are very grateful to these competent women! He is in a perfect home!

AND this was not all. While CBHI was happening… Taylor Johnson & Claims Ta Be Famous won the 2nd Annual Jessica Scheiber Memorial Barrel Race in Derby, KS (HEZGOTTABEFAMOUS x daughter of FAST MOON CHIC). MAs well, Megan Wells & Frenchmans Dee Bar won the ACBRA Table 4 Jackpot Open 4D in Rozet, WY! (A CLASSIC GUY x daughter of FAST MOON CHIC)

We are truly grateful to our family for their support and to all the dedicated, talented riders of Sandy Ridge horses, as without you none of this could be possible. As we have said before we feel like Miss Chenery when she told Secretariat “I’ve run my race, now you run yours”…and that you are!

THANK YOU for your efforts!


Congratulations to our 2020 Sandy Ridge Stallion Station Incentive Winners:

Mr Golden Jess1st place Overall Leading Money Earner:
Sandy Ridge Incentive Blanket plus $600 awarded to:
Shelby Robbins & Mr Golden Jess

2nd place Overall Money Earner:
Sandy Ridge Incentive Blanket plus $650 awarded to
Lynette Brodoway & SR Boots On Fire

3rd place Overall Money Earner:
Sandy Ridge Incentive Blanket awarded plus $100 to:
Kristen Geiger & SR Avenge My Boots

... details here

2020 NEWS


We are thrilled to introduce our newest stallion, IM DA BOSS si 91 $19,894, a 4 yr old sorrel rabicano son of Tres Seis!!

Tres Seis si97 $856,901 is a Leading Race Sire, a Leading Barrel Sire and a Leading Broodmare Sire!

IM DA BOSS has a no holes pedigree! Dam is a daughter of Heza Fast Man si111 out of a daughter of First Down Dash si105 AQHA Hall Of Famer!

IM DA BOSS si 91, $19,894 is 15.3hh, 1250 lbs
- Pictured at age 3
- 2020 stallion fee: $1000

We are expecting his arrival in early January. We'll be very happy to show him off!

Extended pedigree:

  Chics Honor
In lieu of the recent announcement of Im Da Boss arriving at Sandy Ridge, it is with mixed feelings that we announce another change.

SR Chics Honor has been sold to Lynette Brodoway. We are looking forward to following his new career change. Thank you Lynette!


The Sandy Ridge horses stepped up to the plate at the South Country Derby!

SR Boots On Fire & Lynette Brodoway, 1st in the Derby 2nd go, 1st in the Open (ROOT BEERS BOOTS)
Key To A Fast Chic & Dayna Sewell placed 5th (FAST MOON CHIC)
Ruckers Painted Boots & Amy Finnerty placed 6th (ROOT BEERS BOOTS)
Fast Chics Ta Fame & Rylee McKenzie placed 7th (Dash Ta Fame out of a FAST MOON CHIC daughter)
Cartels Paradise & Lana Bohnet placed 9th (daughter of DOCS PARADISE)
Sun Fire June & Carman Pozzobon placed 10th (A CLASSIC GUY)
SR Mach Sixty & Lynette Brodoway placed 15th out of 75 horses! (ROOT BEERS BOOTS)
Also, SR PlainlyImSpecial & Taylor Shields placed 2nd in the Futurity today, 5th in the Aggregate! (PLAIN SPECIAL)
SR Miastreakinclassic & Kendra Edey placed 15th in the Futurity Average! (A CLASSIC GUY)
SR Shezndabooktafame & Colby Gilbert placed 7th in Futurity 1st go (HEZGOTTABEFAMOUS)
Cartels Paradise & Lana Bohnet placed 9th (daughter of DOCS PARADISE)

So well done! THANK YOU!! Enjoy some well deserved time off!



Lynette Brodoway & SR Boots On Fire
are the 2020 CBHI Derby Champions, CBHI Super Stakes Derby Champion, 1st Go 2nd, 2nd go winner, Short Go Champ, Open Champion, Open Average & Derby Average!!! Such an amazing pair!!

Lynette & SR Boots On Fire are on Fire!!

ROOT BEERS BOOTS x JDS Wind River by Sun Wind N Fire

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Mr Golden Jess
Shelby Robbins & Mr Golden Jess by CRIMSON JESS
, the 2020 Futurity CBHI Super Stakes Champion!!

2nd in the Futurity Short Go & Average! 7th in the Open, 13th in the Average

* CRIMSON JESS x Hollys Golden Jet x Rich Holly Jinx. Bred by Dave & Barb Poulsen

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
SR Avenge My Boots
Kristen Geiger & SR Avenge My Boots, aka Macy placed 5th in the Super Stakes, 6th in the first go of the futurity, 3rd in the short go and 4th in the average against some very tough futurity horses!

* ROOT BEERS BOOTS x La Jollas Avenger by Streakin Six. 

Kristen purchased her full brother, SR Runaway Boots last fall... the 2019 CBHI Sale Hi-seller.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

SR Shezindabooktafame Colby Gilbert & SR Shezindabooktafame
The talented Colby Gilbert & SR Shezindabooktafame are writing their own book already!  Placed 9th in 1st round, 4th 2nd round, 6th in the Super Stakes, 6th in the Average for the Short Go - $6200 later! These two are so so talented! Looking forward to more pages in your book Colby! 

* SR Shezindabooktafame is by HEZGOTTABEFAMOUS out of Chicky Kilo Doc by DOCS PARADISE!! A proven cross!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Rae-Lynn Armstrong & Tru Gold Cash won the 2D Open, 11th Warm-Up Jackpot.  This pair also were Chief Mountain Derby Finalists and successful working cowhorse competitors.

* Click images to enlarge


Famous Last Call

I had the pleasure of spending a couple months on barrel racing training with this six year old stallion recently. “Flit” is an intelligent fellow who tries hard to do whatever you ask. He is a well balanced, yet stocky fellow with some size who turns heads wherever he goes. Flit has a great and fun personality. For a stallion, he sure has a good attitude and can control himself well. Flit is happy to have a job and his training progressed quickly during our time together, despite not being ridden for 2.5 years and having an old hock injury. I expect to see his babies do well in the future.

Kim Gerwatoski

- - - - - - - - - - - -

“ I was fortunate enough to have spent time with Famous Last Call recently and he did not disappoint! You can’t have a race car without taking it for a spin!! So I did and wowzers this horse is FAST!! His laid back demeanour and lightning speed is a great combination to have in your barrel horse prospect! I would have liked to compete on Flit but an old injury makes it too risky so I’ll arrange for one of his offspring!"

Lynette Brodoway



Cowtown Classic - 2020 WinnersSuper News times TWO!! 

Aug 2 - A double awesome congratulations to Kristen Geiger & SR Avenge My Boots


Lynette Brodoway & SR Boots On Fire winning the Cowtown Classic Futurity & Derby, respectively this weekend!!  

Both horses are sired by ROOT BEERS BOOTS!!  

Well done girls! 

* See Kristen Geiger & SR Avenge My Boots' 17.392 winning Futurity run here!

* SR Average My Boots is out of La Jollas Avenger by Streakin La Jolla

* Check out Lynette Brodoway & SR Boots On Fire's Derby winning run here

* SR Boots On Fire is out of JDS Wind River by Sun Wind N Fire

Doug and Carol Schaffer


Docs Famous
Feb - 2020


Sonya Dodginghorse & Docs Famous now advance to the next round of The American Semi-Finals!


Docs Famous x HEZGOTTABEFAMOUS out of a daughter of DOCS PARADISE!

* Docs Famous pedigree here


Let the 2020 CBHI Stallion Auction begin!

February 1, 2020 marks the first day of the annual CBHI Super Stakes Stallion Auction!

We are pleased to present to you 6 top quality stallions for your bidding pleasure:


We offer 3 sons of Dash Ta Fame, a son of Frenchmans Guy, a son of ROOT BEER DOC and a son of FAST MOON CHIC!

We offer proven sires out of proven sires!

For more info please check out website
* There are only 3 ways/year/enrolled stallion to own a Super Stakes offspring. Two are available through the stallion owner, the other is the resulting foal through the CBHI SS Stallion Auction! Super Stakes offspring are eligible for huge payouts, the 2023 Super Stakes pot is estimated at $162,000!!

To bid on these exceptional stallions:…

Doug and Carol Schaffer


2020 CBHI Sandy Ridge Sale picks

We are excited about our 2020 CBHI Sale picks!

Featuring 2 HEZGOTTABEFAMOUS fillies and a black FIX N TO colt! These babies will be sold October 10, 2020 in Ponoka, Alberta!


2019 NEWS



Lanas CatLanas Cat Headed to New Home

Although we are going to miss this gentle soul, we are pleased to announce that LANAS CAT now belongs to Garth Ruzicka and Sharon Oddan, of Herbert, Saskatchewan!

LANAS CAT is a proven stallion and proven sire, a son of High Brow Cat.

We have mixed feelings about LANAS CAT leaving but we know he has found a beautiful forever home.

Thank you Garth & Sharon!

Garth Ruzicka and Sharon Oddan (306-640-8720)

... more about Lanas Cat here

  ... more Sandy Ridge News available here


CBHI High Selling Sale Horse2019 CBHI Sale is in the books! Top 3 CBHI Sale Hi-Sellers!

* Congratulations to Rylan & Kristen Geiger for your purchase of the High-Selling Yearling, SR Runaway Boots for $8250! (Phone bid). It's pretty cool that they already own SR Avenge My Boots, his 4 yr old sister!

* SR Leader Da Guys sold to Marilyn Armstrong & Rio King for $7500 - our neighbors!

* SR Classy Money, black filly sold to Stacey Koren for $7400.

SR sale horse details here

We are grateful to the numerous bidders and successful buyers. Your support is sincerely appreciated.

Doug & Carol Schaffer

  ... more Sandy Ridge News available here

2018 NEWS



March 26, 2018 - Unfortunately last week’s Big News regarding FIREWATER FINALE turned tragic.

After having him home for only 2 nights, we found him with a broken shoulder in his box stall on Saturday morning.

After a thorough exam by Dr Lockhart of Moore Equine, it was determined there was no hope to save him. An autopsy was done on the site, confirming that we had made the right call revealing a severely displaced fracture of the humerus and no obvious muscle bruising. We feel he must have just turned wrong in his stall – no other explainable reason.
Firewater Finale
We are saddened to have lost such an outstanding stallion and to have missed the opportunity to love him too.

Our condolences go to 4 Tress Farms whom we recently purchased FIREWATER FINALE from, and to Brett Borkowski and Amy Schimke who owned him since he was 2 years old until last fall. Amy rode him to his championships and would have had a personal connection to him that we will never know. Our hearts break for you.

Doug and Carol Schaffer

* SR Famousinparadise & Kim Gerwatoski


SR Famousinparadise - Barrel Horse NewsSR FAMOUSINPARADISE, LTE in excess of $84,000 in his first year of competition.

Winning the CBHI Super Stakes Futurity, CBHI Futurity, CBSD Futurity, Yellow Rose Futurity Reserve, The Cloverleaf Futurity Reserve, CPRA # earner, Arena Record Holder, top 4 Copper Springs Futurity, top 5 Fizz Bomb Futurity.

* Owned & ridden by Kim Gerwatoski

... click to enlarge images

* Crimson JessNew home for CRIMSON JESS!

We are pleased to announce that CRIMSON JESS has gone to our long-time friends, Max & Corrine Tateson, the Three Triangle Ranch of Tilley, Alberta!!

The Tateson's have a very nice group of cutting-horse/cowhorse bred broodmares and should be a perfect cross with Jess!

We're pretty sure that CRIMSON JESS will also enjoy being out on a large pasture as well!

CRIMSON JESS will be enrolled in the 2018 CBHI & 2019 Western Fortunes.

Congratulations & thank you Max & Corrine!


2017 NEWS
* AQHA - 40 Years of Breeding Quarter Horses - Click to enlarge40 Years of Breeding Quarter Horses at Sandy Ridge Stallion Station!

This award arrived last summer! Over the years, Doug & I have stood over 65 stallions!! Having a stallion station was the furthest thing from our minds when we started, but somehow in the necessity to etch a living, our business evolved.

Doug's first stallion was given to him when he was just 16 years old, a palomino son of Leo out of a daughter of Nicks Shoemaker. A stallion of this caliber definitely helped spark his need for well bred Quarter Horses.

Looking forward to receiving our 50-year award!

* Previous Sandy Ridge stallions

* Sandy Ridge Stallion StationThank you to First Impressions for the excellent work on our 2017 Sandy Ridge Stallion Station poster - we very much appreciate your creativity and effort!

Click poster to enlarge

* Crimson JessCRIMSON JESS stays at Sandy Ridge!!

Last spring we announced that Crimson Jess would be leaving in the spring of 2018. But due to a very unfortunate circumstance for the pending buyer, we have both agreed that it is best that CRIMSON JESS remain here.

* CRIMSON JESS si98, is a Stakes Winner, 2004 North West Hi Pt 3 Yr Old Colt & 2003 Hi Pt Aged Stallion.
* CRIMSON JESS is a proven Stakes Winning Sire, multiple stakes placed offspring earnings of $188,527, 4 AAA, 1 TAAA, CBHI Futurity Champion, multiple Futurity Finalist, Multiple 1-D Champion Winner, etc.
* CRIMSON JESS was also 2012 Alberta Leading Race Sire!
* CRIMSON JESS is sired by the late Mr Jess Perry si115, AQHA Racing Champion 2-Yr Old & Champion 2 Yr Old Colt. One of only 3 Quarter Horse stallions to sire racing earners of more than $52,000,000!!
* CRIMSON JESS is a kind stallion with great bone.

... more about Crimson Jess
2018 Fee: $750

* CBHI High SellerDoug & I Doug & I are still absorbing all that transpired this past Thanksgiving weekend at CBHI Sale & Barrel Racing. We have so much to be thankful for that it is difficult to put into words our feelings of gratitude & appreciation for the super good people we rub shoulders with. Thank you to everyone that shared the excitement of this weekend with us! Your words of congratulations, hugs & moments of tears will never be forgotten! Thank you to the extras that came to help, couldn't do it without you. It was particularly special to have some of our family join us for the sale.

On Saturday evening we sold 3 of our yearlings. SR Lajolla Boots by ROOT BEERS BOOTS sold for $7000 to Terry Macleod, SR Famousfrenchgypsy by HEZGOTTABEFAMOUS sold for $7200 to Caroline Heffernan & Lynn McGonigle & SR Guy On Fire by A CLASSIC GUY sold for a record-setting Hi-Seller of $35,000 to Terry Macleod!!!! We are very grateful to have our horses go to these excellent buyers for supporting our breeding program!!

And if that wasn’t enough, Kim Gerwatoski & SR Famousnparadise won the CBHI Futurity Super Stakes earning a grand $42,480!! Which in turn allotted us, the Breeder Incentive of $14,160. This amazing duo continued to win the Futurity Short Go! Total Futurity earnings including warm-up earned them an additional $6073!! Kim previously purchased SR Famousinparadise from us at the 2012 CBHI Sale for a Hi Selling fee of $8250. He went to 7 Futurities; won 2 of them, reserve at 1 & made money at every single one. Total 2017 earnings are over $65 000 (includes super stakes).

It is extremely rewarding to see Kim’s program come full circle to a gal that did her homework and had a plan. SR Famousnparadise is by HEZGOTTABEFAMOUS out of Sandy Ridge mare, Chicky Kilo Doc by DOCS PARADISE.

It got even better when Eileen Willoughby & SR Famous Ta Da Moon won the Derby Super Stakes earning $12,620, which in turn netted us a Breeders Incentive of $3540. Eileen & Famous went on to finish 2n in the Short Go, and 2nd in the Average! SR Famous Ta Da Moon is by HEZGOTTABEFAMOUS out of Sandy Ridge mare, Manets Six Moons by Martha Six Moons. Here is another gal that did her homework before purchasing Famous as a foal, buying him strictly on pedigree and a video! She hadn’t planned to start another young horse, but was drawn to him to the point hubby bought him for their anniversary…and the rest is history!

There were several other Sandy Ridge horses that also made us proud, one, in particular, is Docs Famous ridden by Sonya Dodginghorse, earning 4th in the Open Average out of 498 entries. This outstanding gelding previously won 2nd in the 2014 Futurity Super Stakes. Docs Famous is sired by HEZGOTTABEFAMOUS out of a daughter of DOCS PARADISE.

I know we have said it many times, but Doug & I are very grateful to all of these humble, hardworking, dedicated individuals who help our Sandy Ridge horses achieve this level of success!

* Kim Gerwatiski & SR FamousinparadiseSuper pleased for Kim Kramps-Gerwatoski & SR Famousinparadise on their recent 3rd place win at the Copper Springs Ranch Futurity, Bozeman, MT. The pair earned a sweet $4500 US. 5 yr old SR Famousinparadise has now earned in excess of $17,000!!

Aka Elvis is CBHI Super Stakes and will be competing for the 'big pot' on Thanksgiving weekend at the CBHI event in Ponoka. He is sired by HEZGOTTABEFAMOUS out of Sandy Ridge mare Chicky Kilo Doc by DOCS PARADISE. Kim originally purchased him from us through a CBHI Sale.

We are so grateful to Kim for giving her red Rocket an opportunity to prove himself.

... more information here


September 9, 2017 - Way to go Kim Gerwatoski & SR Famousinparadise! The pair just finished 5th in the Average at the Fizz Bomb Futurity! Placing 6th today with a time of 15.426

Kim, you not only make us proud, but you've done Canada proud too!

SR Famousinparadise (Aka Elvis) is by HEZGOTTABEFAMOUS out of Sandy Ridge mare, Chicky Kilo Doc by DOCS PARADISE.





* Plain SpecialDoug & I wish to announce that we have sold PLAIN SPECIAL to the Dream Chaser Ranch of Anola, Manitoba. After much consideration, we are very happy that he is in the capable hands of his new owner, Mary-Anne Bach, and feel fortunate to have found him an excellent new home.

PLAIN SPECIAL has been with us for the past 4 years. As a Leading Alberta Barrel Horse sire, he is a multiple AAA sire and of many proven barrel horses. Most notably, Special Tack, aka Racey with LTE of $245,000, 3 x CFR qualifier, CFR round winner, Calgary Stampede Round Winner! Kirsty White & Special Tack are currently 3rd leading the Canadian Pro Barrel Horses!

PLAIN SPECIAL will stand at the Dream Chaser Ranch in 2018 to a limited number of mares for $1000.
THANK YOU Mary-Anne Bach & best wishes with your new venture!

Contact info:
204-371-6489 or PM on Facebook


SR Chics HonorWe are pleased to announce that we are officially accepting mares to this beautiful 2 yr old Homozygous Black Stallion:

SR CHICS HONOR by FAST MOON CHIC, a Leading Alberta Barrel Sire.

SR CHICS HONOR is out of Gasohols Honor by Gasohol, a Leading Alberta Barrel Sire, out of a daughter of Jet Of Honor, a Leading Barrel Sire
* SR CHICS HONOR currently stands 15.1 hh and is a very smooth moving, athletic stallion.
* Homozygous Black, meaning that he cannot throw a sorrel foal.
* 2017 Introductory fee: $600
* SR Chics Honor's first mare has been confirmed in foal.
* Pictures were taken of him as a yearling.


We are excited to announce that we have joined the newly formed, Western Fortunes Inc by nominating four Sandy Ridge stallions: A CLASSIC GUY, HEZGOTTABFAMOUS, PLAIN SPECIAL and ROOT BEERS BOOTS!!!

Western Fortunes Inc.Western Fortunes is a very well thought out program, with not only additional incentives to the stallion owner & competitors but the mare owner as well!

Western Fortunes will be involved in many of the Western Canada barrel racing activities, such as futurities, derbies, and ABRA. Western Fortunes has been formatted after the renowned Future Fortunes but designed for Canada. The deadline for offspring born in 2016 or older is November 30, 2017. The added money will be effective in 2018. More info:

This makes 3 barrel incentives that these stallions are nominated to: Western Fortunes, CBHI and our own Sandy Ridge Barrel Incentive.


Chics Fast MoonOur thoughts are with Barb Lappin over the loss of Chics Fast Moon.

It is with extreme sadness, that we note the loss of Chics Fast Moon, owned by Barb Lappin.

To honor this outstanding gelding, we invite you to the "Moon Memorial Barrel Race" Saturday, March 25 at the Taber Agriplex.

Unfortunately, Moon lost his life in a tragic accident Sunday, Feb 12. He has been buried just a few feet from his sire FAST MOON CHIC. We are all feeling remorse over this terrible tragedy.

Please come in support of Barb Lynn Murphy / Lappin and her family.


Fix N To x Dash Ta FameHOT OFF THE PRESS!!!
New Sandy Ridge stallion!

2009 black quarter horse stallion FIX N TO is fix'n to come to Sandy Ridge Stallion Station.

* 2009 solid black stallion
* Own son of Dash Ta Fame, #1 All-Time Leading Sire of Barrel Race Money Earners
out of a AAA daughter of Streakin Six!
* Proven 1-D barrel horse with limited barrel racing.
* 15.3 hh
* His full sister, Go Go Fame (& Sharin Hall) placed 2nd in the Greg Olsen Memorial Barrel Race Open just yesterday morning!

... more information here


2016 NEWS

Nancy CsabayWhat a weekend at the CFR! Nancy Csabay & Little Miss Wicked; Kirsty White & Special Tack & Lynette Brodoway & SR Root Sixty Six AND SR Effort In My Boots made us so proud!!!

Nancy Csabay (& Little Miss Wicked) is the 2016 CFR Barrel Racing Champion and Average Winner - for the 2nd year in a row! She also won 1 round!

Kirsty White & RaceyKirsty White (& Special Tack) finished 3rd in the average $58,636,38, 1 round win. Special Tack was also named 2016 Horse With The Most Heart!

Lynette Brodoway (& SR Root Sixty Six) had 1 round win, finished 6th in the average, $27,509.94 and her back up gelding, SR Effort In My Boots placed 4th in the 6th Round!

Lynette BrodowaySuch amazing ladies & horses! We are so blessed to have these horses in the hands of such fantastic riders! Congratulations again! Can't say it enough girls! You are living proof of hard work and determination!

* Little Miss Wicked is by TERRIBLY WICKED, a previous Sandy Ridge Stallion out of a daughter of FLYING EFFORT, another previous Sandy Ridge Stallion
* Special Tack is by PLAIN SPECIAL out of a daughter of Cutters Bonanza
* SR Root Sixty Six is by ROOT BEERS BOOTS out of a daughter of Six Fols
* SR Effort In My Boots is by ROOT BEERS BOOTS out of a daughter of FLYING EFFORT


Highest selling horse ever - CBHI SaleWe couldn’t be more thankful for the events that transpired this past weekend at the Canadian Barrel Horse Incentive (CBHI).

As you may know, our fillies sold on Saturday evening. SR Guysleadingasset, by A CLASSIC GUY, topped the sale at $16,000, the 2016 CBHI Hi Selling Horse; and also the Highest Selling CBHI Horse ever. Buyers were Joe & Lindsay Loomis, Dawson Creek, British Columbia. The second - a black PLAIN SPECIAL filly (SR Plainlyimspecial) sold to Sheilds Performance Horses, Cochrane, Alberta for $10,500, third High Seller of the evening.

CBHI Sale - Sandy Ridge horsesSeveral of our stallions’ offspring continued to make us proud, even if some didn’t make it into the finals. They are in good hands and are making solid progress. The final tally of the weekend for Sandy Ridge:

Eileen Willoughby & SR Famous Ta Da Moon by HEZGOTTABEFAMOUS won 2nd Derby Super Stakes & placed 4th in the 2nd go, making the Derby Short Go! The pair won $2550 Super Stakes $$ and we as breeders were awarded $850.

Lynette Brodoway & SR Effort In My Boots by ROOT BEERS BOOTS won Derby Average, 2nd Derby 1st Go, & 5th Open Average & 2nd Open 1st Go!

Melissa Freeman & Marthas Lunar Eclipse by FAST MOON CHIC placed 5th in the Derby Short Go!

Also, Lynette Brodoway & SR Root Sixty Six by ROOT BEERS BOOTS won the Fast Time Open, 1st in the Average, 5th Open 1st Go, 1st Open, 2nd Go!


KR Streakin VersionAwesome news! KR STREAKIN VERSION si104 recently won the 2016 Evergreen Park Distance $25,981 Challenge Race in Grande Prairie, taking home $12,988, bringing his total race earnings to $85,959! This was his 4th Stakes Race win! This win qualifies him (1 out of 10 horses) for the October 29th $125,000 Zoeties Distance Challenge in Los Alamitos, CA!
He is owned by Rick Aldof and was raised by Ed & Mary Kyler.

* More about Sandy Ridge mare, Streakin Miss Tina


SR Chics HonorSandy Ridge Stallion Station's SR CHICS HONOR by Fast Moon Chic

Like a chip off the old block, SR Chics Honor, yearling black Fast Moon Chic colt, - should be standing at Sandy Ridge Stallion Station in 2018!
"We couldn't be happier with him!"
SR Chics Honor is homozygous black, meaning he cannot throw a sorrel. He is out of Sandy Ridge mare, Gasohols Honor by Gasohol, a Leading Alberta Barrel Sire out of a daughter of Jet Of Honor, a Leading Barrel Sire.


SR Root Sixty Six - The American Semi-FinalCongratulations to Lynette Brodaway and SR Root Sixty Six (Freeway) for their impressive showing at the 2016 AMERICAN semi-finals in Fort Worth, TX.

The duo headed into the American Semi-Final Qualifier in 30th spot and moved up to 11th by the end of the weekend (just one spot out of the Finals).

* SR Root Sixty Six (x Root Beers Boots & KR Miss Six Fols) earned 2013 OVERALL HIGH POINT CANADIAN BARREL DERBY HORSE and are proven pro rodeo competitors.


DUN IT OK, beautiful dun stallion
* Genes are loaded with the Dun Factor; is Homozygous Dun D/D – Homozygous Black plus Cream
* DUN IT OK, 2000 grandson of 6,000,000+ NRHA Sire, Hollywood Dun It.
DUN IT OK accomplishments:
    47 ABRA Points, ABRA Dun Factor, 6 ABRA Halter Points
    NRHA Money Earner
    AQHA Open Reining Pt Earner
    RHANW Year End Hi Pts Earner & Money Earner
   This was after beginning reining training at age 7!
Standing at Sandy Ridge Stallion Station for Fleetwood Farms
Fee:  $600 CDN plus collection fee, plus cost of transportation
          $800 US including 1st shipment, plus cost of transportation
          Shipped semen only

Please contact Ryan Smith at Fleetwood Quarter Horses for breeding contract and more info on DUN IT OK.  403-818-0797 or
More info on DUN IT OK here


Sandy Ridge - News, Articles and Tips
Click to enlarge most images
2015 NEWS
* Melissa Harding & Im No Dainty Chic by FAST MOON CHIC out of Call Me Dainty, aka Digby won the 2015 ABRA out of 784 entries!!! 

and... Thanks to some outstanding ladies, Sandy Ridge was very well represented at Canadian Stallion Directory Barrel Futurity/Derby!!
* Sonda Marks & SR Jess So Classy placed 5th in the Futurity Average! 
* Lynette Brodoway and SR Effort In My Boots placed 4th in the Derby Average AND Randa Nugent & High Skor placed 6th in the Derby Average!
* Lynette Brodoway & SR Root Sixty Six placed 4th in the Open and 2nd in the Slot Race!

Way to Go Ladies!!!
* Future Fortunes stallionA CLASSIC GUY is now Future Fortunes Enrolled!!
This makes his foals eligible for additional incentive $$$$.
We will be notifying all breeders of previous A CLASSIC GUY foals how to make their foals eligible too!
A Classic Guy will be on by December 1, 2015

This Guyz A Keeperand...

We are thrilled to announce that Myers Quarter Horses, owners of Frenchmans Guy, the Leading Living Barrel Horse Sire, also announced that one of their Junior Stallions, is This Guyz A Keeper. He is a full brother to A CLASSIC GUY!!!!
* HezgottabefamousCierra Chapman and Sun Frosted Rocket - half brother to HEZGOTTABEFAMOUS by the same dam, Call Me Wrangler, win the Josey Jr World Championship!!


1st 2015 foal for Sandy Ridge!Our first arrival this spring, just 45 minutes shy of April Fools Day!

Classy Dixie Crime by Crime Wave had our first Sandy Ridge baby, a beautiful palomino A CLASSIC GUY filly last night!! Complete with 3 high stockings!!

Nice way to start the color wheel chart off this year!

Feeling very blessed to live the life that I do.
* Thank you to the following people for your high selling bids in the 2015 CBHI Super Stakes Stallion Auction!! We look forward to meeting you and your well bred mares in the near future!

We aren't sure yet what this year's auction's estimated pot will be but last year's is an estimated $140,000!!!

ROOT BEERS BOOTS - $2300 - Ty Haley Elliott
HEZGOTTABEFAMOUS - $1900 - Gina Shantz
PLAIN SPECIAL - $1800 - Celeste Montpellier
A CLASSIC GUY - $1275 - Dawn Meier
LANAS CAT - $1125 - Ranch Hand Headquarters
CRIMSON JESS - $925 - Hallie Breen
- click to enlarge images -
* Chic Of Honor Docs Perrydise Fame In Paradise
  SR Chic Of Honor SR Docs Perrydise
Sold to Amanda Brookwell
SR Fame In Paradise
Sold to Margo Hatala
* Chics Moon Bug Coolguynparadise
  SR Boots On Fire
Sold to Lynette Brodaway
SR Missfastmoonchic
Sold to Corine Tateson
SR Chics Moon Bug
Sold to
Cheryl Mizura & Trina Swerbus
SR Coolguynparadise
* Guysclassicjewel Millionaire Chic SR Famous N Sixy
  SR Guysclassicjewel
Sold to Garth Ruzicka
SR Millionaire Chic
Sold to Jamie Hande
SR Famous N Sixy
Sold to Fran Johnson

Docs Famous by HezgottabefamousDocs Famous and Rene Leclercq

Docs Famous is by Hezgottabefamous out of Jr Miss Doc, daughter of Docs Paradise

Docs Famous placed 2nd in the 2014 CBHI Super Stakes earning $7500 and $1360 Futurity Earnings!! Ridden by Rene Lecqercq, raised by Shelley Creas

* Click image to enlarge


SR Effort Inmy Boots & Lynette Brodaway

Root Beers Boots x out of Printinspecialdreams TAAA by Flying Effort

2014 Northern Lights Futurity Champion, multiple futurity finalist, earnings $$8550

* Click image to enlarge


SR Uno Boots & Lynette Brodaway

SR Uno Boots is by Root Beers Boots out of Sandy Ridge mare, KR Especiallysixy
. Ridden by Lynette Brodoway, the pair were multiple futurity finalists earning $7,579 AND placed 4th in the CBHI Super Stakes earning an additional $3,000!

* We have been blessed to add Paris to our 2015 broodmare band. Thank you Lynette. Looking forward to some terrific babies!

* Click image to enlarge

* 2014 STALLION SUMMARY - Root Beers Boots and Plain Special currently stand at Sandy Ridge. The other stallions have done so in the past.
  Root Beers Boots: #10 on the 2014 5-Year Leading Derby Sires List
Gross Earnings: $25,994
SR Root Sixty Six made $25,994
Plain Special made #13
Gross Earnings: $22,222
Leading Money Earner: Swift Machine earned $19,076;
Terribly Wicked made #15
Gross Earnings: 17,963
Leading Money Earner: Little Miss Wicked $12,844
Fast Moon Chic made #20
Gross Earnings: $16,070
Leading Money Earner: Marthas Ebony Moon
Docs Paradise made #35
Gross Earnings: 12,556
Leading Money Earner: Leos Book $5,206

2014 NEWS
* 2014 SANDY RIDGE CBHI SALE HORSES - Click images to enlarge
To be sold in the Canadian Barrel Horse Incentive Breeder's Horse Sale at Ponoka, AB - Saturday, October 11, 2014
Miss Classic Kilobar
Miss Classic Kilobar
, by A CLASSIC GUY out of Kilobar Book, a very proven producer of pro barrel horses, rodeo horses, cutting horses. A very beautiful well built filly.
* Super Stakes nominated

* Great finish to the weekend at Northern Lights Barrel Futurity .....

Lynette Brodoway & SR Effort In My Boots won the 2nd go & the Short Go to win the Futurity!!!! AKA Rocket is by ROOT BEERS BOOTS out of a TAAA daughter of Flying Effort si94. So thrilled for this pair!

* Click image to enlarge

* ChicWe are very sad to announce the passing of Sandy Ridge Stallion Fast Moon Chic.

An own son of Marthas Six Moons, Fast Moon Chic has long stood as one of Sandy Ridge's premiere stallions. We were very sorry to lose Chic earlier this summer. His legacy lives on in the many talented offspring he has sired.

... details about Fast Moon Chic

* ParadiseIt is with sadness and honor that we announce that DOCS PARADISE was put to rest April 16th at the age of 31. He was owned by Herb and Minnie Krause who purchased him from Harry Good when he was 9.

DOCS PARADISE was a retired cutting horse and Herb felt he would cross well on his Chickle Book daughters. DOCS PARADISE quickly became the sire of 3 x Calgary Stampede $50,000 winner, Chicado Doc, CFR Rodeo Champion; 1 x Calgary Stampede $50,000 winner, Docs Leo Leo, NFR qualifier AND numerous other champion barrel and rope horses.

DOCS PARADISE joined us here at Sandy Ridge Stallion Station in 2004 where he bred several mares until retiring in the summer of 2010. It was our pleasure to be associated with this wonderful stallion.

PARADISE, your legacy will live on! We are pleased to be able to say that we have 4 of your daughters as our broodmares.

... details about Docs Paradise

* Plain SpecialHOT OFF THE PRESS!!!
Our newest stallion, PLAIN SPECIAL just arrived at Sandy Ridge!

* multiple AAA sire, has race offspring earnings of $77,000
AND is a multiple Barrel Futurity Sire and a Canadian High Point Barrel Futurity Sire!

Our newest stallion, LANAS CAT, son of High Brow Cat, 10 year Leading Cutting Sire, offspring earnings in excess of $59,000,000 in cutting alone!
LANAS CAT, 15hh, AQHA pts in heading and heeling. King Fritz and Peppy San on bottom side.
His dam's offspring have won $90,000+ in cutting and reining. High Brow Cat's stud fee is $22,500!
LANAS CAT will stand for $750 at Sandy Ridge Stallion Station, Bassano, Alberta.
Owned by Doug & Carol Schaffer.

More pictures to come.

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